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How to be WFH ready in 5 easy steps

With multiple MNCs making Work from home(WFH) an indefinite mode of work, WFH has become the new norm in the corporate world. WFH has brought in various changes to everyone’s schedules across the globe, but particularly for working women, it has been a source of relief and convenience. In fact, many non-working women have activated themselves in the workspace because of this new development. WFH has given women and men the opportunity to balance their domestic life along with their professional goals as the flexible framework of WFH allows them to carry out various duties as per their priorities.

As we no longer commute to our offices anymore, gone are the days when we would wake up early in the morning to get ready for our work. WFH has saved us a lot of time that used to go into prepping up for the next day starting from clothes to meals that had to be micromanaged a day before. Now, we only look forward to zoom meetings which serve as the single opportunity for us to get ready to interact with our team members.

So, ladies, we have a 5 step routine to get you zoom call ready - (

  1. Mask your blemishes —

BB/CC creams are creams that can be used regularly in place of foundations as they have a very lightweight formulation. These creams even out the skin tone and give a medium coverage to blemishes and dullness. They are available in various shades to match every type of skin complexion. These wonder creams are perfect for a natural glowy look and don’t look over the top.

2. Kohl it —

To make your eyes look less tired and defined, a quick sweep of kajal underneath the waterline will do magic for your eyes. Kohls are available in various shades. Go for a brown tone kohl pencil if you want your eyes to look naturally defined, conversely you can opt for a black kajal to make your eyes look more prominent. Ensure that you choose a smudge-free kajal that can last you all day!

3. Add limelight to your eyes —

Applying brown and peachy shade eyeshadows to your lids can enliven your eyes and cheer up your whole look. Adding colour to your eyes adds zing to the face and it hardly takes a minute to blend a single shade of eyeshadow onto the lids. Top it up with nude mascara for your eyes to always be in the limelight.

4. Get tinted! —

People have been going crazy over lip tints and for all the right reasons. These beautiful translucent formulations are the perfect addition to a natural makeup routine that does not look loud. The best part is that they are multipurpose balms as they can be used over cheeks, lips and eyelids. If you are going for a rosy look, a tinted lip balm is the only thing you'd need.

5. Make your hair happen —

Frizzy and unkempt hair can spoil your well-made look. Here, a hair serum comes as a saviour. Combing your hair with a few drops of potent hair serum can tame the frizz and remove knots throughout your hair. They help in achieving a sleek look and are the best friends of your luscious mane.

Having a simple yet effective makeup routine for your WFH meetings can boost up your self-esteem and increase your productivity. Showing up for work in a presentable manner enhances your work state of mind and keeps you focused and engaged with your work. It keeps lethargy away and motivates you to give your best each day at the comfort of your home.