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Help your skin beat the monsoon blues

Every year the monsoon season brings us immense happiness and fun. It is the season of indulging in fried snacks and hot chai while enjoying the smell of freshly wet grounds and the view of happy trees around us. The rain is a breather for us from heat and dryness, however, it comes with its share of skin woes. The rain leads to dampness & humidity that may cause viral and bacterial skin infections.

During monsoon, our skin keeps getting oily to dry because of the fluctuating humidity levels around us, which makes our skin more susceptible to excessive production of oil and sweat and makes our pores attract dust, dirt and bacteria present in the air. Thus, taking care of our skin during monsoon becomes extremely important.

We have 4 basic steps for you to follow to get your skin monsoon ready-

  1. Wash your face frequently with a gentle face wash.
  2. Toner is a necessity.
  3. Use a water/gel-based moisturizer.
  4. Don’t forget to use sunscreen even on a cloudy day.

Along with following the above mentioned 4 steps, ensuring a healthy diet with lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables high in water content will help you to remain hydrated and maintain your skin through the humidity. Avoid makeup to prevent pores from clogging and make sure to not take part in hot showers as they strip your skin of essential oils. Hot showers also lead to inflammation and dryness thus, taking a lukewarm/cold shower is a good practice.

We hope that these steps would help you maintain your skin healthy and happy inside out!