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Good skin, good mood, good day!

Figuring out the ideal skincare routine can be very daunting for the ones who are just starting out in their skincare journey. Even women who are skincare products savvy are often confused by the different kinds of products that are released by zillions of brands every other month. You may see products that are meant to have the same effect but differ in ingredients or textures, and may not be suitable for every skin type.

All the beauty buffs, take note of the following basic skincare steps to achieve your dream of flawless skin.

  1. Know your skin — We must be aware that all the products we apply to our skin should be in sync with our skin type. The skin types are — normal, oily, dry and combination. Once you find out your skin type, you can choose the right set of products for your skincare routine. Skin behaves differently as per different seasons, so make sure you pay heed to your skin.
  2. Clean in and out — Choosing the right cleanser sets the foundation for your skin routine. A good quality cleanser is important to remove excess oil, dirt and blockages that clog our skin as we carry out our day to day activities. Cleansers with different ingredients treat different types of skin conditions. Incorporate cleansing morning and night to keep your skin clean and happy.
  3. Exfoliate but in control — As a generic thumb rule it is advised to exfoliate your skin gently 2–3 times a week. Excessive exfoliation can remove the natural oils from your skin and can cause aberrations on the skin. Exfoliation can be done using scrubs, chemical peels or hydrating masks which deeply cleanse pores and provide hydration to the skin. Masks, in particular, deliver efficient skin hydration and are rich in nourishing ingredients for the skin. Applying a toner just after exfoliation is a must to prepare your skin to absorb other skincare products.

4. Shield with Actives — Lately, different kinds of actives have become the much-needed skin regenerators. Added to lifestyle stress, the environment around us is extremely adulterated and takes a toll on our skin. Skincare actives help us to replenish the skin from deep within and help in new cell regeneration. It is important to use the right actives at the right time, for instance, Vitamin C should be used in the morning to protect the skin from harsh UV rays, AHA BHA actives should be strictly used in the evenings to avoid reaction with the sun etc.

5. Orderly affair — There is a certain order that must be followed when it comes to layering skincare products and is definitely a critical part of amplifying your skin health. Skincare products differ in their texture and consistencies and if they are layered in the wrong order, their effectiveness gets lost. We should start our skin routine with a cleanser for a minute or two, followed by exfoliation (2–3 times a week only). Once you have completed exfoliation, prep up your skin with a supple toner. Post toner, start with the lightest active serum which suits your skin type. Apply under eye cream after your skin absorbs the serum as eye creams are denser than serums. Finally, complete your skincare routine with a moisturiser to lock in the hydration. People with dry skin can also add face oils to their skincare regime to add that extra hydration. Sunscreen is a must especially in the morning to protect your skin from the sun.

6. Right quantity, better effect — Applying large amounts of skincare products is definitely not beneficial, it not only leads to clogging of skin pores but also leads to wastage of skincare products. The right quantity for each skincare product is as follows-

Cleanser — 1 Finger, Toner — As per the surface size of your face, Serum — 2 to 3 drops, Undereye cream/gel — Pea size, Moisturiser — 2 fingers, Face oil — 1 to 2 drops, Sunscreen — 3 fingers.

Charting out your skincare routine may take some time initially, but it would be worth the effort. The above-mentioned steps are the basic steps that you can follow to begin your clean skincare journey. It is good to have a simplified and specific skincare routine that can be followed with ease by knowing all about it. Let us invest the time and effort to achieve our skincare dream.

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