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6 common beauty practices to keep in mind this festive season!

The festive season is around the corner and we are sure that all of us have decided on our looks and are all set to celebrate with our loved ones. While we spend a lot of time choosing the right outfit and the latest makeup products, we often forget to zero down on the right makeup look.

We will list down 6 common beauty practices that can make or break your entire look. 

  1. Primer/Moisturizer — It is extremely important to apply primer/moisturizer at the beginning of your makeup routine as they provide hydration to the skin and ensure the smooth application of other makeup products. Usage of primer also ensures that your makeup lasts longer.
  2. Foundation — Choosing the right shade of foundation depending on your skin undertone is a crucial step towards achieving the perfect look for you. Skin undertones vary from warm, cool to neutral. Researching and finding your undertone can help you choose the correct products for your skin.
  3. Eyeshadow Primer — The eyes are often the showstopper of every look. Applying an eyeshadow primer before beginning your eye makeup ensures that the pigment of all the products stand out and remain smudge-free. Once you apply the primer, you can follow it up with your favorite shade of eyeshadow and eyeliner style.
  4. Blush — Applying blush is a timeless and classy beauty practice that adds zing and colour to your face. Depending on your skin type, you can choose between powder blush and liquid blush. Various shades of blushes are available for different skin undertones. Choosing the right shade will make you look prim and proper
  5. Lip Balm — Most lipsticks dry your lips out within minutes. Using a hydrating lip balm before lipstick ensures that your lips remain supple and hydrated. Lip balms also help lipsticks to glide easily over the lips.
  6. Setting Spray — A good quality setting spray is a game-changer. Setting spray should be applied as the last step in your makeup routine to lock in your look. A few sprays ensure that your look lasts for hours without any touchups.

This Festive season, we hope that our tips help you shine brighter and spread your inner and outer radiance to the world!